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Get the real Forex trading experience without any financial risk by trading with real market conditions, optimizing your account, spreads, and leverage. It's as close to real trading as possible when you use a demo account. Trading with a demo account is similar to trading with a real account. A Forex demo account differs only in that the funds are simulated. It is completely risk-free since you don't trade
with real money. 


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Trade directly from the charts with our customizable drawing tools and indicators.

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Never miss an opportunity with integrated analysis, news and trade ideas.

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Using our mobile and tablet apps, you can spot opportunities, trade & manage your positions.


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Demo accounts are essentially practice accounts. Getting started is as easy as creating a new account in a few clicks. With it, you can get accustomed to a variety of features of the Forex trading platform. In addition, you can get familiar with the dynamics of the Forex market before committing any real funds. You will gain a better understanding of how to execute trades and your risk exposure by practicing with unlimited demo funds. You have access to all the features of a real account, including:

Use it completely free of charge:

Execute trades risk free as many times as you like with your trading strategies and bots for scalping

Trade with virtual money:

Our simulation still comes with real trading signals that are free even though it is a trading simulation

Explore the platform's features:

You will learn how to read charts, use graphic objects, levels, Fibonacci retracements, and more

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