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Most trades are executed within a few seconds. During the order processing, we'll take advantage of any price improvements in your favor.

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What is Forex trading?

Forex or Currency Market is a global marketplace for trading currencies. Currency exchange rates are determined by it worldwide. It is possible to take part in forex trading by buying, selling, exchanging or speculating on currency pairs such as EUR/USD and GBP/USD.

  • Trading Volume

  • Currency Pairs

  • Forex Market Hours

  • Trading Flexibility

Why Trade Indices?

Securities are tracked using indices. Inflation and interest rates are also analyzed using indices as benchmarks. The S&P 500 tracks the 500 largest companies listed on the US stock exchange, and is one of the most popular financial indices. Dow Jones Industrial Average and NASDAQ are two other top-traded US indices.

  • Easy Access

  • Low Margin

  • Global Market Exposure

  • High Volatility

Why Trade Spot Metals?

Commodities such as metals can be traded on the London Metal Exchange (LME), the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), and the Shanghai Gold Exchange. Today, commodity trading is more accessible and accessible to everyone. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are popular precious metals for CFD trading. In commodities CFDs, investors can speculate on price rises & falls.

  • Short or Long Positions

  • Risk-Free Demo Account

  • Diversification

  • High Liquidity

What is Spot Energies Trading?

Commodities traded on spot markets are called spot energies. It is possible to profit from crude oil trading regardless of market conditions or political systems. The ability to trade oil for immediate delivery makes it an excellent and convenient way to expand your investment portfolio. Among these assets are UK Brent Oil, US Crude Oil, US Natural Gas, etc.

  • Liquidity & No Inflation Influence

  • Tight Spreads & Low Commissions

  • Popularity of Oil CFDs

Why Trade Shares?

Discipline is the key to trading in the stock market. Because CFDs & long-short trading are advantageous, more traders prefer to trade shares via CFDs over traditional shares. As well, fractional trading allows you to diversify your portfolio by investing in different companies at fractional prices 

  • CFD Trading

  • Diversification

  • Risk-Factor

  • Popular Company Shares

Platform Feature

Most Trusted Trading Platforms

Platform allows you to trade the global markets with live forex rates, advanced chart and indicator functionality, and exclusive trading tools including expert advisors.

  • Real-time quotes

    Real-time quotes to access the latest market fluctuations.

  • Ultra Fast Execution

    Exact execution and tight spreads provide best value.

  • Up to 10 Open Charts

    Open multiple charts at the same time for the effective analysis.

  • Advanced Market Depth

    Added tick charts, time and sales information to the trading system.

  • One-Click Trading Option

    Market depth or price chart orders can be placed directly from the window.

  • Automated trading

    Robotic trading. Identify trading strategies and analyze the market.

Account Type

You Can Choose From a Variety Of Account Types Based On Your Needs

We offer Basic, Standard, Advanced, Premium accounts in demo & live formats as a perfect way to experiment with different strategies and practice under real market conditions.

  • Minimum 0.01 lots
    trading size

  • Low spreads and

  • Expert advisors

  • Low latency and
    No ambiguous trading

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Client Safety

Trading Safely With Funds

Trading should be the focus of traders, so we accept responsibility for the safety of their funds. During trading, it is exceptionally cautious with its clients' funds since it has consistently sought to provide them with the best conditions. Security of the funds is ensured by a few significant factors.

Fund Safety

Negative Balance Protection

Market instability is a regular occurrence. When margin calls & stopouts fail to work correctly, as a result of our negative balance protection strategy, no client is liable for handling negative balances.

Segregation in Clients Funds

Segregated accounts separate company funds from client funds. Separated money to ensure neither is misused or made, ensuring that if the company folds, the client's money can be easily identified."

Client Area Protection

Secure your financial transactions and personal data. Transactions are encrypted using 256-bit SSL. SSL encryption prevents third parties from intercepting user data when visiting a website.

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